Fade In, Fade Out and Dissolve.

Fade in: When darkness slowly turns into an image then that’s called Fade in. This is normally used when film begins.

Fade out: When an image slowly turns into darkness then that’s called Fade out. This is normally used when film ends.

Dissolve: In the post-production process of film editing and video editing, a dissolve (sometimes called a lap dissolve) is a gradual transition from one image to another. This is used among other editing techniques for making an interesting story.

When talking about Scriptwriting techniques, the initial step involves writing down “FADE IN”, it means that the image or Video will appear gradually in a slow fashion. From darkness to brightness, it is most often than not placed at the beginning of the film, remember the term mostly and not every single time implying that it can very well be used other occasions.
Talking about fade out, it is mostly used at the end of the film. It is in fact just the opposite of fade-in, it means that the visuals will disappear slowly into darkness, or one can call it black screen.
Unlike fade in and fade out, dissolve is used in between of the film where two images are superimposed with each other, where one footage loses its opacity and at the same time the successively placed footage starts gaining its opacity. It also establishes a relationship between the two images.
Incorporating fade in, fade out and Dissolve in editing can be achieved if you are well aware of the properties of each of them. In every software there are some plugins with the name “Dip to Black” in Premier Pro or “Fade to colour” in final Cut Pro, what is left is to pick it and drop it on the clip. Or instead one can just create an opacity keyframe and adjust its value.
For achieving Dissolve the keyframe of opacity will also be used, one just have to place a footage over the others, or the inbuilt transition “Cross Dissolve” can also be used in order to achieve the same result.
Talking about why the three aforementioned are used while editing – fade in, fade out and dissolve are used for various reasons like, to show passing of time, changing scenes, for differentiating or building a relationship between time and space, sometimes it is used to create some effects, flashback etc.

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