Shows different camera angles.

Miscellaneous camera angles, shots, and movements used in photography and videography.

One picture says a thousand words, and to be able to communicate properly, the picture needs to be clicked in a way that suits the emotion it wants

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Smash Cut | Attention Planner in Film Craft.

A smash cut is a technique in which one scene abruptly cuts to another for aesthetic, narrative, or emotional purpose. The smash cut usually occurs

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Juxtaposition In Films.

Juxtaposition is the film editing technique in which two or more shots are combined to evoke an idea or state of mind.

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Use Of Jump Cut In Films.

A jump cut in film editing is a cut in which a single continuous sequential shot of a subject is broken into two different parts, with one piece of

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J Cut and L Cut In Film Editing.

J cut is a variant of a split edit, film editing technique in which the audio from a successive scene overlaps the picture from the preceding

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Fade In, Fade Out and Dissolve.

Fade in: When darkness slowly turns into an image then that’s called Fade in. This is normally used when film begins.

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Video Editing And Its Tools

Film making is a lengthy procedure, a 3-hour long film is the result of endlessly long hours and days and months and years sometimes spent on

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