Use of split-screen in films.

Split-screen in films and videos is the visible division of the screen, conventionally in half (it can be split in quadrants as well or more), but also in several concurrent images, disrupting the illusion that the frame of the screen is a seamless view of reality, similar to that of the human eye.

Split Screen is an editing technique where two-shots are placed on one screen or it can be said that the screen is divided into two or more than two parts and then given appropriate space for each one of them to help narrate the story in a better, smooth and functional way.

Split Screen is an advanced use of Juxtaposition. In Juxtaposition, two footages are placed side by side to narrate a story whereas in Split Screen, rather than placing them side by side we put two or multiple footages on a single screen. Until the arrival of digital technology, a split-screen in films was accomplished by using an optical printer, to combine two or more actions filmed separately by copying them onto the same negative, called the composite.

In filmmaking, split-screen is also a technique that allows one actor to appear twice in a scene. The simplest technique is to lock down the camera and shoot the scene twice, with one “version” of the actor appearing on the left side, and the other on the right side. The seam between the two splits is intended to be invisible, making the duplication seem realistic.

Split-screen can be applied through different techniques in the films, for instance, one might have seen this a lot of times in a telephone conversation; Happening of the same or different events at the same time but different space; For showing the contrast between different characters; In the climax of the film, etcetera. To facilitate writing Split-screen on the script there can be many ways of writing Split-screen as per the convenience of the writer, the most simple way is to just type “SPLIT-SCREEN START”, press enter twice and start writing by mentioning RIGHT AND LEFT and once you are done, then type “SPLIT-SCREEN END”.

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