Use of Eyeline Match Cut in Films.

An eyeline match is a film technique based on the assumption that the audience will want to see what the character on-screen is seeing, to make the audience feel as if they are part of the film or more involved in it.

It is a film editing technique, through this particular technique an editor tries to maintain the continuity, towards the perspective of characters on screen, what or who exactly are they looking at, and the usage of this helps an editor in determining when or at which specific point a cut is needed in the frame. If we talk about the importance of this particular technique Eyeline match cut is the most important tool in accordance with film editing as it helps the audience to predict the character/subject and their next move better. When a character is looking at something or someone, that helps in decide the shot that is next in the line. In order to simplify it, one may simply call it “Follow the eye” because eye movement decides where and what needs to be in the next frame. It becomes more important when one character is talking to other characters, then we the shot has to be placed in a way so that viewer gets the exact idea about who the character is talking to. It can be better explained with the help of an example of the Eyeline match: In an advertisement, a number of Celebrities are part of a short film explaining why everyone should stay at home during this time of crisis caused by the pandemic COVID-19. There are multiple characters involved in this particular film and all of them have shot it at their own houses but the final product or film looks as if all of those shots have been taken at one location. All because of a well thought and coordinated execution. The editor successfully managed to match the eyeline. But the continuity was still amiss in this. Achieving continuity was not the true goal in this particular ad. film.

Eyeline match is very essential for telling a rational story on film for the audience. Without skilful and efficient eyeline matching, the audience will have trouble following who is interacting with whom and the story will fall flat leading to a loss of relativity and loss of interest.

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