Shooting with 30 degree rule.

Usage of 30-degree rule-following different aspects of film making.

The 30-degree rule states that the camera should move at least 30 degrees in relation to the subject between successive shots of the same subject. The camera should move and stay on one side of the subject to follow the 180-degree rule. In order to make something good, there are rules that one should follow, doesn’t really matter what exactly is it that is being made, it can be food, it can be a film. The making of movie has steps and rules and one of those rules is the 30-degree rule. The 30-degree rule is very basic and simple but if not applied properly can ruin the entire work.

While shooting any character or subject with two cameras located at the same distance from the subject then there must be a 30-degree difference between both the cameras. But if the same 30-degree distance is not maintained, as a result, there will be a very abrupt jump in the visual, which will be a very confusing visual for the viewers, as there will be enough differences neither enough similarities in the frames, leaving the viewer in a state of confusion and can also result in the scene losing its entire message or meaning.
There are ways to overcome this scenario though. 

1. Manage enough difference between the cameras. It means, you have to follow the rule.

2. If the difference is not 30 degrees then try to bring one camera closer to the subject.

3. Or you can scale the shot from one camera, but if the particular film is intended to be cast on a big screen then it will pixelate and the blurred visual will ruin the viewer’s experience.

The 30-degree change of angle can make the two consecutive or successive shots different enough to not look like a jump cut. This particular rule is also called the 20 mm/30-degree rule, as when following this particular rule, it is important to change the focal length of the lens at least 20mm with each move made on the particular axis. Although the rules exist to make sure that the messages intended for the audience by the maker get conveyed as desired. But there are times when the maker deliberately breaks the rule to get a particular effect.   
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