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Reverse Shot And Its Usage In Films.

Reverse shot also known as ‘shot reverse shot’ is a technique used in films where one character is shown looking at another character, and then the other character is shown looking back at the first character. Since the characters are shown facing in opposite directions, the viewer assumes that they are looking at each other. 

Shot reverse shot is a film editing technique where one character can be seen looking at the other character, it is mostly used when two characters are talking to each other. Reverse Shot is one of the most important tools of film editing as it enables the audience to see the interaction as well as the reaction of each dialogue along with expression at the very same time. The answer to the question, if it is applied only when two-people are conversing with each other, is No. It can also be used to show the reaction of any character about a certain action or event, or how the character reacts with the help of an insert or a cutaway. The reverse shot also helps in maintaining continuity and works best for pulling out emotions and consequently conveys the desired message. If one of the Characters or any shot of the subject is not good enough then it can always be hidden by using those glitches that occur by inserting reverse shot.

A shot reverse shot is a framing technique used for continuity editing in film or video making. This type of framing, when edited together, gives the audience a sense of continuous action, making it seem as though the scene they’re watching is happening linearly in real time, making the audience feel more involved. This particular technique became a dominant tool used in a major amount of classic Hollywood films. When setting up for a shot reverse shot, it is advised to use a minimum of two cameras. The cameras will rest on one side of the 180-degree line, with each camera focusing on one specific actor, this is the most basic way of filming reverse shot.

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