Shows different camera angles.

Miscellaneous camera angles, shots, and movements used in photography and videography.

One picture says a thousand words, and to be able to communicate properly, the picture needs to be clicked in a way that suits the emotion it wants

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Usage of ‘Exposition’ as a tool in cinematic storytelling.

Exposition- as the word suggests is the explanation of something, when used on cinema it is often used to give the audience the context about a

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4 interesting ways to write good opening scenes

‘Well begun is half done’. Film-making doesn’t give you much scope these days. With the rapid exposure to all kinds of cinema, the audience is

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Did you notice this in Khosla ka Ghosla ?

Pre-production has always been and will always be King. Before you go on floor with your film, make sure the pre-production is sorted. And

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How do we connect visuals through sound?

In early days of Cinema, when sound had not arrived, everything was shown visually. No synchronized recorded sound was used but only live sounds. Be

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How scale of voice is useful in dialogues?

Whenever we watch a film in a language unknown to us, what do we do? We might not get the meaning of what is being spoken but we still get a slight

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