Double exposure in a frame.

Double exposures or even multiple exposures for that matter, refer to capturing two or more images on a single frame. It works by layering

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Cut In and Cut Away shots...

Cut in and cutaway shots.

The use of cut-ins and cutaways can mark a lapse of time or they are used to create or enhance the mood of a film. Cutaway shots are

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dolly zooming on the same axis.

Axial cut and its usage in films.

An axial cut is a type of jump cut, where the camera suddenly moves closer to or further away from its subject, along an invisible line drawn

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cutting and placing

All cuts used in film and editing.

Cuts are the most basic yet important segment of post production or video editing process. There are different cuts, each with its own

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Shooting using 180 degree rule

The importance of using or breaking a 180 degree rule.

As per the 180 degree rule, the subjects or objects inside the frame are considered to be positioned on an imaginary axis and the camera can move in

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Shooting with 30 degree rule.

Usage of 30-degree rule-following different aspects of film making.

The 30-degree rule states that the camera should move at least 30 degrees in relation to the subject between successive shots of the same

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