Use of Eyeline Match Cut in Films.

An eyeline match is a film technique based on the assumption that the audience will want to see what the character on-screen is seeing, to make the

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Use of split-screen in films.

Split-screen in films and videos is the visible division of the screen, conventionally in half (it can be split in quadrants as well or more), but

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Slow Cut and Fast Cut In Films

Slow cut and fast cut in films are one of the main aspects of video editing. If an editor wants to show the detailing and depth in the film then they

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Camera shots| Dialogue shots| Shot Reverse Shot.

Reverse Shot And Its Usage In Films.

Reverse shot also known as ‘shot reverse shot’ is a technique used in films where one character is shown looking at another character, and then

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Different shots of Psycho movie murder scene

Montage and its types.

Montage is a film editing technique where a series of short shots are arranged chronologically to supress space, time, as well as information. This

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A clock fading away indicating passage of time.

Flashbacks and flashforwards in films.

Flashbacks are often used to recount events that happened before the story’s primary sequence of events to fill in the crucial backstory.

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