How the song ‘Ye Dil.. Deewana’ from ‘Pardes’ was shot in less than 2 days?

The song ‘Ye Dil Deewana’ is one of the iconic songs to be shot in Bollywood (composed by Anand Bakshi and music by Nadeem-Shravan). It not only became a huge hit but also underlined the versatility of Sonu Nigam as a singer. But according to Subhash Ghai (Director-Pardes), shooting this song was a painful journey. The song was recorded on the last day before the unit was about to leave for USA. Subhash Ghai had called Sonu Nigam and arranged a very small studio in Andheri. He asked Sonu Nigam to sing as if somebody is hammering loudly and as we all know Sonu did a fabulous job. But that was just half the job done.

With just two days remaining for the shooting schedule in USA to be wrapped, Subhash Ghai  realized that one full song ‘ye dil deewana’ is still pending. The entire ‘Disneyland’ portion of the song was completed in one full day, where we see Shahrukh dancing with ‘Popeye’ and around ‘Dueling Pirates’ show.

Since, two days before the planned shoot, Shahrukh had to leave for India to be with his pregnant wife, he didn’t have much time. Ghai asked him to give him just 3-4 close-up shots and he may leave after that. Shahrukh gave 3-4 shots, driving the car and singing. The remaining long shots of car being driven were done with the help of his body double. Some of the shots were taken by putting a green screen, where we can see Shahrukh dancing in the foreground as well as in the background (I bet you didn’t notice it the first time).

Once the editing was done while joining the Las Vegas shots of Mahima Chaudhary and Apoorv Agnihotri, the entire song came out good and much better than expected. No one would realize that so much planning goes behind making songs while having time constraints. That is the beauty of cinema. Isn’t it?

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