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Flashbacks and flashforwards in films.

Flashbacks are often used to recount events that happened before the story’s primary sequence of events to fill in the crucial backstory. On the contrary, a flashforward reveals events that will occur in the future.

A flashback or flashforward is an interruption shot between the scenes that takes you forward or backwards in time. It also takes the narrative back or forward in time from the current point in the story. Imagination is another phenomenon that falls under the very same category. Imagination is achieved in the same way as Flashback or flashforward. Most of the people often get confused between Imagination and Flashforward. There only difference between them is that a Flashforward is a definite scene which is bound to happen, whereas Imagination is like forecasting or an illusion or it can be a prediction which may or may not happen. Often than not, Imagination or Flashforward is just a term that helps in conveying the story clearly and smoothly, either of the words can therefore be used, be it Imagination or Flashforward as per the convenience. There is no rule of thumb for it.

To include a flashback / flashforward, just type “Start FLASHBACK / FLASHFORWARD / IMAGINATION in capital letters, press the enter key and start writing same as before with a proper header as while entering into different space and time. Once it is done, type “STOP FLASHBACK/FLASHFORWARD/IMAGINATION. That’s it.

What comes next is achieving it on the editing table –  For representing either Flashback/ forward or imagination an appropriate transition is required, it can be anything, simple DIP to Black, Dissolve, DIP TO WHITE, FLASH or just a Straight Cut, even a little change in colour for instance, it can be Hue/Saturation/or luminance, these can easily establish that you have entered into different time and space.
This particular technique is often used in movies for introducing or exhibiting memories of the past, or in suspense films, the clues from the past all add up when the mystery is solved. It is also used in movies and series to predict the different scenarios that may or may not occur if something is triggered. It is also used when the subject is shown to be daydreaming or thinking about their future or just speculating, there can be tons of other similar scenarios. These phenomena make the story more intriguing and engaging.   

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