Cut In and Cut Away shots...

Cut in and cutaway shots.

The use of cut-ins and cutaways can mark a lapse of time or they are used to create or enhance the mood of a film. Cutaway shots are scenes that as the name suggests, cut away from the action.

The cut-in shots and cutaway shots are one among the many editing techniques, the both of them are used to fill in the blanks. They are inserted to help a scene run smoothly even when the previous shot doesn’t match the successive shot.  

Cut-In is a shot that shows the detailing of any character or object. On the other hand, Cut-Away is a shot that usually displays something other than the current action, irrespective of location and time. The explanation can be executed better with the help of an example: Assuming that someone is being interviewed and in the middle of the conversation, there can be a few shots of his or her hand movement or other expressions inserted, it implies that the details of the same character at the same time and space are being used. This is an ideal example of cut in. The cut-in shot is also at times referred to as ‘Inserts’, based on the nature of its usage.  

Supposing, that the scenario is the same and the same person is being interviewed and in between the conversation, some footages of the same or different locations can be used to justify the subject’s context. If that person is talking about human psychology then some other footage for reference can we used. This is the easiest and best example of a cutaway. Insert or Cut In certainly empowers the story, but Cutaway is something which can be used widely to enhance the visual representation and it can be used for different reasons, like – as a Metaphor to justify the scene. To Justify the reaction of the character. Many times, we use cutaway for flashback (What is running in his mind) or for moving forward in time or sometimes just for the simple narration. If one wants to use Cut-In and Cut-Away then it is highly recommended, to segregate all the footages in different folders so that at the time of editing, none of the relevant clips get missed out accidentally.

The use of these shots can account for a lapse of time or they are used to create or enhance the mood of a film. Tailoring a film to achieve the desired result can only be accomplished if the editor is skilled, knowledgeable about his tools and is proficient enough to know when to utilise the tools, to tailor it to perfection.  

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