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We aspire to create film-making course in our own language, Hindi, so that language is not a barrier to anyone. Moreover, our stress is more on the 'Visual Language' of Cinema.

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We are film educationists turned filmmakers who love to teach the art of making films and make sure to clear the basic understanding about films through extensive practical demonstrations and creative activities.

For us, each and every idea is important and we try to create ‘LEGS’ for each idea.  After going through places and taking feedback from students all over India, we found that due to lack of resources and funding, some ideas are unable to see the light of the day.

The very aim of these master classes is to make sure that anyone and  everyone who wants to learn or make a career in film-making can be taught  the same through our online classes at a cost which is almost negligible considering the teaching material and online assistance we provide.
All you need is a good internet connection and Voila! Here we go..


Manas Mishra

Manas Mishra started writing abstract notes on the backside of his notebooks when he was in his fifth standard. Those notes were turned into a Short Film that won the Best Women Film at 16IFF by Jaipur International Film Festival and another short film that won the Silver Film of the Year at India Film Project 2018.

After teaching film-making at various universities and film schools and writing several short films, short sketches, two feature films and one web series, he decided to share his rich experience in film-making with students all over the country, especially those who can’t afford the expensive film education. In his classes, you’ll learn his rules of storytelling, generating out-of-the-box ideas, visual writing, dialogue, character generation techniques and what makes a script actually sell.

DrShatakshi Premson

DrShatakshi Premson is a born cinema lover. Since her childhood she is like an embodiment of cinema craft from foot to forehead.

In school days she preferred to write and direct dramas in her school / college, under the guidance and help of her teachers. She very vehemently believes that every person may create cinema in or out of his life, in front or back of the camera.

Even after accomplishing a Doctor’s Degree in Dental Surgery, she declared in the family that cinema and only cinema is her forte , nothing else.

Now she has proven that she will cultivate her persona in the form of a fantastic Friend , Philosopher and Guide for the cinema amateurs.

Sheshank Kishore Mishra

Sheshank Kishore Mishra is a Freelance Film Editor. Besides teaching Film editing he edited award winning Short Films and Documentaries:- Best Documentary Film – BIFF 2016, Best Director – GIIFFA 2017
Winner-Silver Film of The Year IFP8, Selection – BRICS International Film Festival, Best Mobile Film (International Cell Phone Cinema).

He is best known for dealing with different craft of audio/visual medium like Film, Advertisement, Social Media Content and Micro content for new market to grab the attention. Apart from the art of dealing with tips and tricks he will teach you the aesthetic of filmmaking technique which increases the audiences   interest in consuming visual material. So let’s gear-up and get ready to start experiencing cinema with a single tool “CUT”.


It’s a great website to learn filmmaking. It has a lot of information in a very easy language. I love the content and as I’m an aspiring filmmaker, it has some really good tips for me.

Akash Mathur, D.O.P (One Digital Entertainment)

Akash Mathur, D.O.P (One Digital Entertainment)

The Geniusness is in breaking down the complexity of stories for aspiring writers to understand the art of screenplay better.
Manas sir is master of diving deep into the detail and bring you an insight that just becomes like a mantra to develop any skill.
Bhut seekha hai sir se aur shukriya kuch shabdo se to ho nhi payega…
I am subscribing to this course

Rajan Tripathi, Content Creator

Rajan Tripathi, Content Creator

Manas sir has always been a cinema man and an inspiring film spirit, learning from him has always been a boon for every aspiring student of cinema. His teachings and techniques are the most advanced and practical. The platform he has created online is easily accessible and very reasonable. Thank you Manas sir, for being a helping shoulder and inspiration for all the cinema lovers.

Hostel Daze, Jalebi, Days of Tafree

Sanchay Goswami, Actor

Sanchay Goswami, Actor