How Rajkumar Hirani used ‘Show-Don’t tell’ technique in the opening sequence of Munnabhai MBBS ?

Show-Don’t tell simply means to show through action rather than words. In the opening scene of ‘Munnabhai MBBS’, we see Munna abducting a man by laying a trap and brings him to his place. At this stage, we all believe him to be a ‘gunda’ or ‘bhai’ with a few henchmen. But in the same scene, when he realizes the dishonesty of his client, he changes his decision and leaves the abducted guy. This proves that Munna is a kind-hearted ‘bhai’.

We also see him mentioning his father when he says – “apne babuji kehte hain, beimaani karne ka nahi aur sehne ka nahi”. It establishes that he follows the ethical side of his profession and respects his father. Also, we see he is afraid of his father when the postman gives him a telegram informing about the arrival of his father via evening train.

4 information we get till here:

  1. Munna is a kind-hearted and an honest gangster.
  2. He respects his father and follows his principles even in this profession.
  3. Since he respects his father, he pretends to be a doctor only to make him happy.
  4. Also, the way he talks to postman, we understand that may be his father visits him every year.

Director Hirani has made sure that even though the main profession of the protagonist is that of a gangster, yet, we are not watching an underworld film. The film maintains its ‘drama-comedy’ tag throughout because of the different characters, dialogues wrapped with humor and also the situations which helps us to relate to the victims and patients. ‘Show-Don’t tell’ helps us to focus more on the action rather than dialogues and is a better way to write a film.

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